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Ask Lynn Now…

Your Opportunity Is This Moment



When you have questions, it’s sometimes challenging to know where to turn. If you have a question about being stuck in in your life or why something is happening that you did not expect (or want), this is the place to ask your question.
Please know that all submissions here are treated as confidential information, unless permission to share in a class setting is indicated.
You will likely hear something back within 48 hours via email. In rare cases, you may get a personal phone call to invite further discussion about your question.


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Ali’s Story:


“I met Lynn on Facebook – based on my picture, she was so incredibly accurate on describing me and what I’m all about that  I was delightfully stunned with her uncanny ability to look into my soul. Lynn felt very “familiar’, like I’ve known her all my life, (and I probably have!). There was also a sense of incredible, unconditional trust which is quite rare when you don’t fully know the person.
When I re-vamped my website, I felt compelled to ask Lynn what she thought and, true to her nature, she let me know exactly what her thoughts were in the purest of forms.  I knew I had a lot of work to do. She pointed out that what I wrote, anyone else could have written, meaning the real me was missing from the content.
In order to do a better job, I hired a copywriter so that he could wordsmith my essence and still use my vocalizing style.  Once done, I knew the only one I could trust with an honest feedback was Lynn.  Though it was better, she flat-out told me that my fire, my passion, my juice and all of who I am and represent was still missing.
I immediately booked a one-on-one session with her the following day and got down to the nitty-gritty of “what’s up with me” that I’m holding out on the real Ali to show up fully expressed.  During the one-hour session, Lynn guided me exquisitely and flawlessly, so that I could more clearly understand what I specifically needed to do with the copy and marketing of my website.
She did this with such care and clear guidance, much more so than any 12-month program of session after session with some other luminaries. I was blown away; and once again I must reiterate, my sense of “total trust in Lynn” grew even deeper – and let’s face it, to have that kind of trust is priceless!  During the one-hour-session, even a fairly new niche of clients and target market clarified itself for me so that I can pursue it!!!
I know that I want to be talking to “Passionate” people  and that my essence, the Passionista expert that I am, will shine through my marketing for my clients to enjoy, love and engage me in their lives.
Thanks to Lynn, the sky got a lot clearer and my professional life became much more passionate!  I wish an experience like mine to each and every one of you reading this; and believe me; you will know that having Lynn in your life is one of your most brilliant decisions!”
~ Ali R. Rodriguez,


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