Creative Catalyst | What It Means To Transform Yourself
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What It Means To Transform Yourself

everything dances

Change is the nature of life. If things aren’t changing – even in some infinitesimal way – they’re stuck. Healthy living is life in motion.

Transformation happens one of two ways:
1) Over time naturally, as a result of external circumstances changing which promotes new awareness.
2) Suddenly, as a result of dramatic circumstances that may or may not be predictable, and which can happen as a result of provocation by external circumstances or internal landscape changes.

In either case, by definition, transformation is a next-stage evolution in dynamic life form. It can be desired and proactively pursued or it can be how nature forces your growth.

As a human, when you embody transformation, you experience a shift in consciousness. Just as a room looks different from where you stand in it, it is impossible to see things from the same vantage point when you have expanded your sight.

When transformation occurs, it has the potential to change everything. When change occurs, it is destabilizing because growth only happens outside your comfort zone. That’s the nature of transformation.

The most powerful force on the planet is the ability to choose one thing over another. Should you choose transformation for yourself, you invoke invisible forces to collude on your behalf. Once in motion, trying to stop transformation is like trying to stuff fireworks back into their containers once the fire has reached their edges – you’d best enjoy the show.

Transformation, especially the kind you’ve initiated, means feeling vulnerable, frustrated, confused, anxious, uncertain, like you’re feeling your way through the dark of a place you’ve never been… and that’s how you know you’re doing it right.


© 2013 Lynn Scheurell


About the Author:

Making the most of human nature since 1998, Lynn M. Scheurell is an authority for conscious business. She works with entrepreneurs who desire to create intentional business success by connecting the dots between inner and outer beliefs and business expression. Changing the world starts by understanding motivations, inspirations and purpose first; in other words, changing the world starts within. Only then can real intensity be applied through strategic business models, systems and focused action to create conscious, and often dramatic, results. See

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