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The Universe Dances Through You


Every experience brings new information, whether it seems positive or not. What you encounter – and how you handle it – informs greater consciousness. In other words, the Universe dances through you.

This is a complex concept which might be easier understood with examples as follows.

A woman came to work with me because her history with men has been abusive and yet her pattern was that she still returned to them in her intimate relationship. Intellectually, she understood this was not healthy. But this was an energy that was encoded into her love pattern early in her life, which made it hard to resist. Her mother died when she was very young so she unconsciously feared abandonment and did not learn to claim her value as a person, much less as a woman. Her father raised her and did the best he could; their culture comes from Mexico which shaped his perspective. Without the balance of the female influence, this highly sensitive single child came to understand that punishment equals love. By seeing that dynamic, she now has new freedom to choose life partner relationships with men who honor her.

A man asked for a personal energy reading because, as a result of a recent slew of extremely challenging and volatile situations, he was doubting his self-worth. When we are being pushed to the edge, it is to release all that no longer serves us. In this case, the Universe created a life tipping point for him – to literally help him live the life he deserves on a much deeper level. It can be grueling to handle what feels like too much and yet, once it passes, life will be much more rewarding and aligned with personal truth. Personal value is intrinsic – it is up to us to remember that in every way. Through this experience, he is finding the edges of himself and being invited to claim his crown. (And, by the way, when any one of us does so, we all benefit.)

A woman called me in tears because, while her divorce was final, the business partnership with her ex-husband needed to be finalized after several years. In that process, it became evident that he has been coasting on her hard work for years and that he did not want to lose that level of financial comfort. The only solution was for her to not only hold the annual revenues stable but to add another 50% to them to complete their partnership, which felt daunting and emotionally hurtful at the same time. Through reading the energy of her potential, I ‘got’ that the extra 50% was not a big enough target – her aim needed to 10x her current revenue projections! Upon hearing that, the tears stopped (probably from shock) and she said, ‘yes – I have succeeded in exceeding revenue goals in the past. I can do this.’ Her original target no longer seemed like a big deal in the face of the much larger invitation. Essentially, the Universe did not want her to play small anymore, nor to give away her power in business.

Maybe you can see yourself in these scenarios?

Each of these situations initially felt very negative to those in them – until they learned the real opportunity behind them. To have something new, you must clear the space and release what IS; this is the nature of the Universe as life is constantly arising in fresh creation. When we try to hold on to what we think is comfortable, it only limits the experience for us as a human and the Universe. (Try holding back a tidal wave or keeping a flower from blooming – it not only gets really uncomfortable but, in the end, is impossible.)

Whatever your experience right now, look past the obvious and see the potential through the metaphorical eyes of the Universe. You will see that it is time for you to grow because the Universe wants to dance bigger.

© 2016 Lynn Scheurell

About the Author
Making the most of human nature since 1998, Lynn M. Scheurell is a visionary pioneer, spiritual teacher for entrepreneurs and authority in conscious awareness. Your life, business and ability to impact the world grows only as fast as you do; in other words, changing the world starts within your personal transformation. Lynn teaches entrepreneurs how to gain new clarity and accelerate results through metaphysical insights. See


  • Amy05 April 2016

    Thank you,, Lynn!
    Terrific article, and just what I needed to hear right now. Dancing always makes me happy.