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Your speaker’s workshop this weekend was transformative for me! You are gifted in empowering women (and men) to be their most powerful selves. I’m so glad that I attended. Great information too. Thank you!

Elizabeth Golembiewski

Lynn Scheurell is one of the brilliant lights of this world. She is clearly passionate about helping. Her energy is uplifting and positive and she gives with free-flowing creativity. I would recommend her to anyone with a budding business, who wants to shift their consciousness into the new paradigm.

M. Sareen
CEO & Founder

Lynn is one of the easiest people to recommend! She’s an energetic speaker and teacher and she has a vast amount of valuable information that she willingly shares. Just being around her inspires many people!

Katie Raver

Lynn – You’re my pick of the day for being a great source of inspiration, generosity and real-deal wisdom – just feeling compelled to say so!

Mo Bailey

Lynn’s Public Speaking class changed how I see myself. I had been a shrinking violet when it came to public speaking. The fear I had about making a presentation was tremendous! A short time before Lynn’s class, I had given a presentation. My fear level was so great that I experienced a 7 hour amnesia attack and ended up in the emergency room. I was scared senseless! The day of our class I could feel my fear rising & I told Lynn about it and she explained that the audience wasn’t here to see me. If I was a famous person they might be here to see me. The audience was interested in my message. Lynn said I reminded her of Paula Deen and to just give my presentation like I was Paula Deen. I thought,” Oh, I can do that”. So I proceeded to pretend I was Paula Deen and breezed through my speech. I was amazed how easy it was and I wasn’t nervous – after all, I was Paula Deen and she is comfortable in front of a crowd. Thanks, Lynn! Your class worked wonders for me.

Barbara Taylor