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Taking More Time Gets You Quicker Results


I picked up this title from something my wife, Jan, was teaching in her Energetic Horsemanship lessons, as her work there is about conscious horsemanship. She has proven that, with horses, taking more time will get you quicker results.

From various businesses in various countries with my clients, I know that conscious business always outperforms unconscious business and that involves taking more time also. When you have the power of the Divine Quantum Universe on your ‘board of directors’ (so to speak), you have a power that drives success! You also no longer need time… you actually create time.

BUT, There Is A Secret To This….

Understanding how the Divine Quantum Universe uses time is essential to building a successful business. The DQU (Divine Quantum Universe) does not work in this (failed) world’s perception of time. Nor does the DQU ‘take action’.

‘Taking Action’ Does Not Work

We are taught to move ASAP, to take action (often ending up in the wrong direction) and ‘get to the point’, etc. In reality, that ‘linear’ instant gratification method is not effective at achieving long-lasting, legacy-leaving results. It often results in a ‘grab the money and run’ no matter who you hurt and, ultimately, leaves you feeling emptiness in your heart. That is impossible to align with you really are at the core – an abundant being with access to everything you need in every moment. You can kid yourself but you can’t fool the Divine Consciousness that drives everything in the Universe – including your business.

Take INSPIRED Action for Real Results

Inspired Action will always lead you to your overall goals faster. Ironically, Inspired Action is a product of taking more time, not less. It means taking some quiet time to breathe, relax, clear your mind and just ‘be’. Doing so turns on the built-in antenna that we all have to that DQU and, as you get better and better at taking the time to do this, you will find more and more ‘inspired’ actions coming to mind.

Again, those Inspired Actions will always lead you to your overall goals faster. The DQU tends to take the ‘scenic’ route to those goals so you can pick up the lessons and tools you need to leave a legacy. You don’t get that comprehensive tool kit on the ‘fast track’ of ‘how it’s always been done’; instead, the fast track will just give you more of the roller coaster of the ‘old’ way of doing things.

Allowing The Time To Get It Right

When reviewed, this is what we have found in our own organization. We have missed a couple of launch dates only to find that something very critical to success was not quite aligned. Seeing this and then taking the time to ‘get it right’ going forward is the difference between ‘here today and gone tomorrow’ vs. leaving an ongoing legacy.

We have literally put five years of trial and error into ‘getting it right – getting better at listening for the inspired action, developing the right team and more to build what will live on in a humanity-serving legacy far beyond our lifetimes.

Sure, we could have grabbed a few bucks and ran but where is the joy in that…? Where is the love for our fellow humans in that…? Where is the development of resources to go back and fulfill promises made in good faith and forgive those whose broken promises caused you and others difficulty? Where is the _______ (fill in the blank for yourself)?

There is no doubt that there is more joy and more abundance that comes from giving something to others than grabbing for ourselves. Take more time and you will see how what you choose to manifest comes in with less ‘noise’, greater clarity and is the ‘right’ result – even if you didn’t know before it happened. This is the ‘new’ way of doing business.

About The Author

Bill Moore, Chief Operations Officer at aSmilingWorld Inc.
“As Chief Operations Officer at aSmilingWorld Inc., my goal is to inspire people to excellence in their private and business lives by helping them discover their TRUE power, enabling them to become creators who can maintain their focus and equilibrium in any environment.”

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