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Programs & Events

The Path To Your Transformation


When you know there should be more – and are paying too high a price to stay where you are – it’s time to take new action. Creative Catalyst’s goal is to facilitate your transformation from where you are to your next best level for new results in your life (and business).


Below are three different options designed specifically for visionary changemakers to get targeted, personal insights on what is happening in their lives (and businesses). These are not cookie-cutter programs; instead, the curriculum revolves around your life as it is right now.


If you are ready to accelerate your success, consider one of these options for an intimate experience in clarity and insight for your personal transformation. We will expand deeply into the exact steps you need to go from Catalyzed insights to creating fresh results.



Insights Breakthrough Session


A 1:1 Personal Session ($297)


Any real-world issue has an emotional, energetic or habitual pattern origin. Unfortunately, because the same mind that created a problem cannot solve it (Einstein), you need outside perspective to tie the symptoms to the cause so you can resolve it. With new clarity, you can upgrade your life (and your business).


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The Self-Actualization Society


A Private FB Community (1st Mo = $7)


Your world grows only as fast as you do. Accelerating your own transformation is the fastest way to make a bigger difference in not only your own life but also the world. Your transformation grows everything around you – including your impact, business and lifestyle – at the same time. Community makes it easier.


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Work With Lynn For Transformation


An Intimate 2.5 Day Retreat


The greater path is the interior path because that is where you can discover your answers – and it is not easy to do on your own. Discover how you can catalyze your personal self-mastery with this 1:1 retreat. This is an experience based on what you need to see rather than a structured curriculum.


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