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Personal Integration Retreat

Seamlessly Get Unstuck And Convert Your Experience Into Wisdom To Create Value For Your Ideal Clients And Accelerate Your Success!



A Personal, One-Of-A-Kind 2.5 Day Entrepreneur Retreat For Self-Discovery And Strategic Planning That Integrates Who You Are With What You Know For Business Transformation So You Can Uplevel Your Confidence, Clarity And Clients



There comes a point when you know building your business could be easier with less effort… that you’ve reached a certain level of experience, success or accomplishment but it’s time for your next level and you don’t know quite how to get to it.


Your ability to articulate your perspective with conscious awareness, along with recognizing and taking advantage of opportunities to preemptively solve problems and meet needs for your ideal clients, is what defines an entrepreneur. It’s no longer about generating results – you must also ‘be’ and live your results.


Just as an eyeball cannot see itself, you cannot see your own patterns nor full range of possibilities. You think your thoughts all the time so they are normal to you, even if they are limited. So, in order to get new insights, you need to get out of your routine environment and get an infusion of fresh perspective.


And when you do, you can discover the art of real entrepreneuring.



Satisfying Your Senses 


There are the physical senses – taste, touch, sound, sight and hearing.


And then there are the senses beyond – like in the things you just ‘know’ to be true, the connection with your intuition, the recognition of something bigger at work in your life and how it feels to be on track (or not) with your full potential.


The senses beyond are part of your energy body, and inspire you to become one with your greatness to go further positively impacting the world.


In fact, your  business is a reflection of you; the lines between business and personal are blurry at best anymore. That means what your limitations are inherently coded in your business – unless you resolve them. It also means you may not know how to recognize or package the unique value you have to offer.


It’s your senses, your wisdom, your perspective that creates your optimal success in business – it’s the most valuable thing you have to offer.


“There’s the gift, there’s the spirit and there’s the work – all three have to come together. If one of those things is off, it can stop you from becoming who you were meant to be.” ~ Jay-Z




Clarity Is Your Key To Helping More People


When it’s time for you to step up to your next best level, you’ll recognize that there’s a greater freedom waiting for you than you’ve ever known.


You’ll feel the pull of your own possibilities, the lure of going beyond where you’ve been and the stretch of soaring into new places. It could be a little confusing, feel a little shaky or even disappointing to look around and see where you are now. But it can also be exciting…


Because where you are now isn’t a predictor of your future. Do something different and it all changes. ;+)


Discovering your change points of your own entrepreneuring process, especially if you didn’t recognize them when you lived them, can be the key to helping more people and, effectively, changing the world.


Once you find them, it’s vital to integrate them with who you are now and find a way to express your full potential through what you do daily in business.


When you know WHY you’ve experienced what you have – because it’s valuable to your potential clients who are looking for you right now! - everything makes sense… and going forward, obstacles melt away because you understand the bigger picture.


Resources and opportunities are magnetically attracted to you because you are calling them in as congruent support for what you are here to do and leave your footprint on the world through your business.


The Universe conspires to bring you your dreams because you are correlating your reason for being and what you offer with who you really are at your essence.


Take a moment to imagine your own possibilities…


What does it feel like to fly in business with complete trust in your abilities AND the bigger picture?


What happens in your business when you are aligned completely with who you are AND act from what you innately know to be true?


What does your business look like when you are free of the weight and ‘psychic debt’ that are holding you back?


How much more benefit will your clients get from working with you because you now know the wisdom you are here to share with them?


How much easier will your business be when your work is effortless and you are rewarded appropriately?


The clarity that can set this all in motion is close because you’re reading this… something brought you here to help you get to your next best level easier and quicker with experienced guidance. It’s also because you’ve now discovered true entrepreneuring for yourself.



Your Master Key To Freedom


You are here on this planet for about a minute in cosmic time… the question is: how will you spend your minute while you’re here?


The choice is yours.


And the most powerful choice you can make is to invest in yourself and set yourself up to have the most appropriate guidance and support to handle what’s beneath the surface of what you see in your life and business.


During this intimate 2.5-day personal discovery retreat with me, you’ll get the master key that opens doors you couldn’t get to before (much less go through) on your own, including:


  • Understanding Who You Are: You will see yourself with new eyes, giving yourself the gift of compassion as you ‘connect the dots’ of your life experiences to see how spirit has been guiding you to discover your life purpose in ever-increasing waves of intensity.


  • Accessing Your Power: You will understand your previously hidden sources of personal power and how to tap them as energizers to create more of what you want in your life and business.


  • Becoming Visible: You will know what sets you apart and how to talk about that with clarity, as well as how your secret sauce strategically applied dramatically catapult your results in life and business.


  • Creating Value: You will learn how to turn your gift, years of experience and expertise into a valuable solution for your market through your business, as well as how to market it as your signature product or program.


  • Focusing Your Intensity: You will have a plan that organizes your next action priorities that are in alignment with what matters to you and your business; this is NOT a box, ‘cookie-cutter’ system – it’s about what is happening for and what will work for YOU!


Become Aware of Your Personal Formula for Success


YOU are the key to your success on every level, including resolving your unconscious blocks and beliefs. (But how do you know what those are? You’ve had them awhile… now they are so common that they are normal, right? That’s the point of working with an experienced Catalyst!)


When you try to understand your life through the same lens you’ve always used, it’s hard to get a fresh perspective.


It can be even more difficult to see and understand the ‘formula’ that you used to get where you are now because it’s familiar (think of wearing glasses with pink lenses while you try to see the color pink – you can’t distinguish it because you are seeing through the same color!).


And using a ‘big box’ program, or following shelf-help books, or using someone else’s system isn’t going to cut it. You need crystal-clear clarity about you to get the fastest shifts into helping more people through that which is uniquely yours to offer.


9596881_mOnce you understand how your past has led you to this point, it’s time to integrate and package those insights into currency. Currency is the flow that you send out through your business; currency is rewarded when your clients pay you for the value you give them in solving their problems or filling their needs. This is about creating easy, seamless, evolutionary new levels of success both for you AND your clients..


By working with me as your guide to discovering and integrating your turning points into the keys that unlock your hidden sources within, you are gaining insights that make sense for you, your business AND your clients.


Together, we will handle whatever comes up in the discovery process – confusion, excuses, overwhelm, etc. – you will leave with crystal clarity and a strategic business development plan in hand.


This experience is all about decoding the experiences you’ve been having for a lifetime so you can increase your confidence, express your personal power and expand your business to accelerate your results. Basically, this is all about you helping more people and changing the world through who you are and the transformations you know so well by getting out of your own way.


Essentially, this is a 2.5 facilitated exploration and journey to discover your personal freedom formula – comprised by life experiences, natural talents and extreme clarity – so you can serve more people effortlessly. When you connect the dots between your past and your purpose, everyone profits.


By the time this retreat is over, you will clearly know what makes sense for you and your business. You will have an action plan in hand and know exactly what to do next to achieve accelerated results and a new level of success.


Releasing Who She Thought She Was AND Discovering Clarity In How She Is Here To Serve 


Gitte has avidly pursued her personal growth for years, but felt she had not yet discovered who she was here to be and how to serve through her business. She flew in from Denmark to work with me… listen in as Gitte talks about her two-day retreat experience with me.

Here are her before and after photos, taken about six months apart – the after photo was taken about a month after the retreat (and about a decade younger!).

~ Gitte Hegelund,

What You Can Experience


The process AND the results are highly individualized from this Retreat; everyone I have ever worked with experiences something different based on what they come in with as variables, experiences and desires in life and business.


This guided growth experience isn’t about hard-line statistics, nor even about a particular system that is reproducible over and over again by rote. That’s not how I work.


Instead, it’s about delving into what’s most important to you – your motivations, your passion, your world. It’s an unusual approach in the world of business – and most teachers don’t take on this type of work. It could literally be the most important thing you can do to create and accelerate new results in your business (and your life).


8021679_sJust one a-ha moment while you are immersed in this guided experience can change everything. It’s priceless because these kinds of moments lead you directly to the easiest, most graceful and profoundly satisfying path to true and lasting success. It’s the ultimate personification of real entrepreneuring.


In addition to discovering your most powerful points of personal insight as pivot points for teaching your wisdom and accessing inner resources you didn’t even know you had, you might also leave with:


  • a new life vision,
  • a deep awareness of who you are and your personal secret sauce,
  • the freedom to do your great life’s work in changing the world,
  • the framework for an entire new business structure,
  • revitalized marketing messages for your target audience,
  • a new signature system, product or program, or,
  • anything else that’s holding you back from changing the world and getting paid for it.


Together, we follow YOUR motivations, passions and intensities that can accelerate your evolution for the benefit of your business.


That’s what makes this Retreat so different from anything else I’ve ever seen out there. (And if you come back again, it WON’T be a repeat experience – I guarantee it!)


In a relatively short time, we go deeper - underneath the noise, the story, the persona - to the core of your intensity than most programs do in a year (or even longer!).


We handle what’s in the way of knowing who you really are and what you’ve experienced up until now; then, we go even further – we translate your ‘secret sauce’ into practical insights by writing a strategic business action plan on paper.


This is a life-changing experience that can pull out what’s in your way and the truth of you who you are to give new life to your business - NOW.



This ‘adventure’ experience is right for you if you’re ready to take action in an unconventional way to get the answers you need.


You should know that it happens in a way that honors you in a safe, intimate environment with the focus on your well-being and getting the answers that matter for you. It’s about your gifts, your passion and doing ‘the work’ with experienced support. (Think of travelling the Amazon River… having a guide to do the hard work and navigate means you can enjoy the journey with confidence!)

The insight that reveals your next step is simple:


consciously let go of who you think you are

to seamlessly become who you are meant to be… 

and change the world in a bigger, more meaningful way.



If You Could Spend Two Days Evolving Yourself, Are You Ready for What Could Happen?



When I first met Jacque, she had been in her own business for about six months, having quit her job after a divorce with the awareness that life had much more to offer her.


At that point, I wasn’t offering personal retreats – it was actually Jacque’s idea to do a 1:1 retreat with me because she felt that there would be new insights and an experience that would help her to integrate all that she had learned while in her own business. She had pieces of information, lots of perspectives from lots of people she had studied, tons of ideas that didn’t seem to take off and didn’t know her next action step. She felt that my guidance would bring it all together.


During the course of the retreat, as soon as we would talk about Jacque’s business, her energy would drop – significantly. Through co-creative dialogue, she revealed some key facets of herself that would never have come to light without the in-person experience… about how she was redecorating her house, she travelled with her pastels for drawing / painting and that she was drawn to a local art fair in the area on her own time (three times!). When she talked about art, her face lit up! She described her childhood creations, how she could walk down the street on vacation in a new city with her jewelry and pay for her trip, and the joy she felt in helping others see the vibrancy in daily life through color and art. It became obvious that she was “off” in expressing her authentic self in her business – she was trying to be a traditional business woman, which was sucking her energy dry!


By the time she left, Jacque realized that a huge part of her had gone unexpressed. She had not only the insight to “get” that she is an artist at heart, but also had a focused, practical business plan for how to turn her art into a business. Jacque was successful in integrating all of what she knew and who she was into one single turning point to recreate her life as a result of the personal evolution retreat.  Her being free to be who she really is has changed her life in immeasurable ways… and she continues to explore all of what that means in the successful expression of her true essence.


~ Jacque Weiss,

Is This For You?


Due to the intricately personal nature of this experience, participation is limited to you – no one else participates. Despite the synergy that comes from being a group environment, this is a profound self-discovery experience that is just not as powerful with outside distraction.


A big benefit of being in person together is that there is a difference between ‘taught’ teachings that occur intellectually and ‘caught’ teachings that occur on a physical cellular energy level. For me, it is consciousness that transcends time and space which creates a safe place to reveal the essence of you.


This retreat is focused on taking time out of your regular routine to become aware of what you truly have to offer as a result of your talents, experience and wisdom in order to increase your personal power and accelerate your business growth. Your business can grow only as fast as you do; when you decide to grow, your business has no choice but to do the same.


During this time, you and your business can become connected with unprecedented clarity to power up your ability to serve more people and positively change the world.


This is about elevating your transparency, evolving your information into knowledge and transmuting your experience into wisdom. It’s focusing your learning edge into tangible benefits for your ideal clients.


This is about being honest in your desire to help more people by closing the gap between what you want for your business and how to get it.


And this is about aligning with what really matters through your business direction, model and structure.


To foster that kind of work, we will be innovative, but not edgy. We will be forward-thinking, visionary and compelling to bring your conscious clarity and thought leadership to your business for new results in the least possible time.


Does that mean that you won’t find yourself reeling in the light of your own power? Or that the illumination you receive doesn’t have the ability to shift everything you’re doing in your business? Nope.


In fact, it’s likely that those things COULD happen. And I hope they do… it’s validation that you’re on track with becoming an entrepreneur.


 What You Need to Know


First, there is an application process. The reason being that you and I need to have a phone chat to make sure this is the best solution for you right now and to answer your questions.


Download Application 


Second, if we agree that this is the best investment you can make for the growth of your business right now, we schedule a Retreat in right timing for our schedules. You should know that the Retreat does require that you come to meet me in Las Vegas, NV.


There are amenities that go along with this Retreat – you’ll see more specifics on the last page of the application.


Because this transformational Retreat is so personal, I’d like to know more about you to get to know you and what’s happening in your world.


To download your application now, click below.


Download Application


Once you complete that, please email it to me directly. I’ll personally review your application and then either me or one of my team members will be in touch with you to schedule personal phone time with you to answer your questions and explore the mutual fit. After that, we’ll take the next steps as feels right.


In the meantime, if you have any questions about whether this next Retreat is the right investment for you, please email your question to me directly at: lynn (at) mycreativecatalyst (dot) com.


Here’s to Entrepreneuring For Effortless Success Through Service… ~~~




P.S.: One last thought… when is the last time you took care of your best instrument – you? When is the last time that you felt really nurtured and nourished, basking in your own passions and channeling them into leaving a bigger footprint in the world and really helping more people? That you felt like you understood – in total clarity – the insights that you’ve been receiving about what’s possible AND supported in taking action on them? That you KNEW what to do next?

If you don’t remember, I encourage you to consider this Retreat strongly and schedule a conversation with me ASAP. ;=)



If you have questions about the programs and services that I offer to support you in
accelerating your entrepreneurial results,

please call 1-760-534-4770.

Your Focused Intensity Can Change The World!