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Be Centered To Create Profoundly Powerful Results


One of the greatest parts of being an entrepreneur is having many opportunities to pursue daily. Everything from which hosting provider to use to what networking meeting to attend to designing marketing campaigns to handling day-to-day administrative responsibilities has the potential to pull you into its gravitational field for exploration and resolution.

However, when faced with so many invitations for your time, energy and resources, it soon becomes obvious that you cannot operate at peak performance levels if you do all of them. Falling victim to the ‘bright shiny object’ syndrome, chasing after the next best thing, is the path to distraction, confusion and overwhelm. In other words, without clear focus, your power to get results in business is diffused.

When you recognize that it’s time to create a new result, and then make the commitment to take action accordingly, you set in motion a chain of events:

Awareness – having enhanced perception
Insight – gaining inner wisdom
Choice – the most powerful force on the planet is your ability to choose
Being-ness – your state of inner reality
Action – outer expression based on knowing and proactive choice
Result – the integration of all preceding events

You can liken what’s happening around you as a perfect storm, as the chaos of creation flows and crashes about in dynamic form to create endings and then birth new life. Your vantage point determines whether you are the boat being tossed around and pounded with the volatile seas or if you are gently swaying with the undercurrents far below the surface. The first means you are in reaction to every triggering event, while the second means that you are in your center with the ability to observe without getting caught up by it.

In order to be able to discern what’s happening around you with greater awareness, and thus create a profoundly powerful result, it is recommended that you to drop into the center of your being.

When you are centered, it is impossible for circumstances to buffet you around. Instead, you are at cause and at one with what IS, allowing for alignment with your desired results and optimal energy flow to experience them.

There are a number of ways you can become centered, including:

1. Walk barefoot on the grass (or lay on it and look at the sky).

2. Take three deep breaths from your belly (you should see your belly move when you do this).

3. Close your eyes, clear your mind and mentally repeat a mantra (a sound, word or a phrase) or envision an image that represents your center to invoke that state of being.

Before making any choices or taking any action, take the time to be centered as the origin of your true power.

As you operate from that place of inner strength and clarity, you engage the universal law of cause and effect. You cannot help but create profoundly powerful results in your business. It’s the only possible outcome.


© 2013 Lynn Scheurell



About the Author:

Making the most of human nature since 1998, Lynn M. Scheurell is an authority for conscious business. She works with entrepreneurs who desire to create intentional business success by connecting the dots between inner and outer beliefs and business expression.  Changing the world starts by understanding motivations, inspirations and purpose first; in other words, changing the world starts within. Only then can real intensity be applied through strategic business models, systems and focused action to create conscious, and often dramatic, results. See

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