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Your Growing Edge

Where Insights Lead Transformation

How Are You Limiting Yourself?

You are in your physical body because you have a greater destiny to experience (or you wouldn’t be here). Greater destiny means that you are here to offer your unique essence to the world and people around you. Does that mean that you will change the world?...


The Things I Know for Sure

I’ve spent decades intentionally growing my connection with spirit, understanding greater truths and learning how universal laws apply to me and, therefore, those around me. After spending such energy in cultivating this kind of  awareness, I can at last share with you some of the...

A photo by Phoebe Dill.

You Need A Life Strategy

One of the most underrated methods of living your best life is having a personal strategy. We often hear ‘strategy’ related to business but not so much about strategy and personal achievement. To be clear, achievement for me is defined as feeling freedom through living your best...


The Universe Dances Through You

Every experience brings new information, whether it seems positive or not. What you encounter – and how you handle it – informs greater consciousness. In other words, the Universe dances through you. This is a complex concept which might be easier understood with examples as...


How True Transformation Changes You

People wish their lives were different on a daily basis in all kinds of different ways… maybe it’s to be happier, or thinner, or wealthier, or to have better friends or more love in life. But to invoke true transformation becomes much more than any...


Looking Back At 2014 To Create 2015 Even Better

When most people look back over the last year, the focus is on the highlights – the wins, successes and feel-good moment. But it’s the lowlights – the disappointments, unexpected outcomes and miseries – that give the contrast you need to really enjoy the highs....


Financial Fitness Equals Wealthy AND Healthy

“Self-love, my liege, is not so vile a sin, as self-neglecting.” ~ William Shakespeare, Henry V. In our pursuit to “acquire” and create an abundant life, I all too often see more people neglect the foundation of life - health. When we look at the principles...


Taking More Time Gets You Quicker Results

I picked up this title from something my wife, Jan, was teaching in her Energetic Horsemanship lessons, as her work there is about conscious horsemanship. She has proven that, with horses, taking more time will get you quicker results. From various businesses in various countries with...


From Passion To Active Compassion To Vocation

Your passionate compassion turned vocation can change the world. If you’ve let anything stop you up until now, and don’t do something starting now, you’ll never know what might have been – and it is the people you could have helped that will suffer the...


The Meaning Of You Being

Creation is dynamic life force energy constantly emerging, constantly bringing endings and beginnings with a ceaseless, unrelenting pulse throughout time and space. One of the unmutable laws of the act of creation is that there is a life cycle to everything that has or will be...