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Lynn Scheurell

Catalyst. Teacher. Author.

About Lynn Scheurell



Lynn Scheurell is an authority on accelerating transformation in life and business. By reading personal energy patterns and dynamics, Lynn helps people ready for change to make more informed choices from a place of personal power and awareness.
Since 1998, as the Creative Catalyst, she has guided thousands of people to step into their personal power, reclaim their spirit and actualize their potential. True shift starts within; personal commitment to living one’s best life is the secret sauce that changes their world. It’s not about where the person is and where they want to go any more; instead, the new paradigm is ‘here’s the place to be and how can I be in it faster and easier?’.
Lynn believes that when you can see the issues and challenges in life as opportunities for transformation, you give yourself the direct path to living with more inner peace and freedom. Her calling is to help people experience that state of being every day.

Her Background



Her mainstream employment history is summarized in a ‘thud’ report (as in, it makes an impressive noise when tossed on a hard surface!). Lynn’s entrepreneurial history includes diverse on- and off-line adventures, such as: a specialty retail boutique, Feng Shui practice, copywriting, professional business intuitive services and a metaphysics coaching practice, among others. Her great love is teaching people how to use life challenges as opportunities for authentic and sustainable personal transformation.
Her formal education was received through the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, with a B.S. in Criminal Justice (with minors in Psychology and Sociology).
Focusing on supporting people in transforming their lives to live happier, she currently resides in Las Vegas, NV. She knows she is successful by the degree of positive change she facilitates in, for, through and with other people, including her amazing clients – and she joyfully celebrates success daily.




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Lynn Scheurell

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Lynn Scheurell

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Lynn Scheurell

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Lynn Scheurell

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